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Shared mobility

Shared mobility or Shared transport is a transportation system where travelers share a vehicle either simultaneously as a group or over time as a personal rental, and in the process share the cost of the journey, thus creating a hybrid between private vehicle use and mass or public transport.

Services currently operating in Dublin


The inspiration to create UFODRIVE struck our CEO, Aidan McClean after many frustrating car rental experiences. His experience motivated him to solve a problem he knows many busy travelers are facing every day.

“Following another particularly poor customer experience at a major European Airport involving a long queue at the car rental booth, confusing insurance and extras options, pushy sales reps, a slow paper-based process and then trying to find the car, which wasn’t the model ordered, I decided there was going to be a better way!”

“When I returned the car, I was hit with more unexpected extra charges. The whole rental cost double what was advertised – I had enough!”

Access is the new ownership

Do you enjoy the freedom and convenience of having your own car but don’t use it enough to justify the cost? Did you know that the average car only spends 5% of the time in use and sits idle for the other 95%?

The UFODRIVE Members’ Club has been designed to offer the convenience and luxury of your own car, without the hassle and inflated prices.

For every 100 ArkPoints you earn, we will plant 1 tree on your behalf to help restore our ecosystem.

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GoCar is another Electric car shared mobility services in Dublin


Fully electric Hyundai Kona

Electric Nissan Leaf

Join GoCar and you’ll get €25 off your first trip! Sign up here

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* Other shared mobility services are available in Ireland but we will only be highlighting the fully electric services.

The average car is parked for 23 hours a day, new research shows

So much of the urban realm has been stolen by parked cars