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RoboTaxi Autonomous Electric Vehicles (AEV’s)

Autonomous vehicles (RoboTaxi’s) in Dublin

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Google’s Street View car on the streets of Dublin. Image: Google

Google’s Air pollution and Street View Jaguar JLR I-pace electric car is currently 4D mapping Dublin’s streets for future Google Waymo Robotaxi deployment for when the new rules for Autonomous driving comes in to force in Ireland.

New Road Traffic Bill for Autonomous Driving in Ireland

It is expected the new regulations will allow RoboTaxi’s to use the existing bus lanes at speeds up to 60kph.


Study: Self-driving ‘taxibots’ could replace 9 in 10 cars

Transportation experts say car-congested cities could become a thing of the past, provided people are prepared to ride-share with a robot driver.

A study published Thursday by the Paris-based OECD Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development suggests that widespread use of “RoboTaxis” could cut by 90 percent the number of cars needed to perform the same number of journeys per day.


Researchers used data from Lisbon, Portugal, to simulate how such self-driving, communal cabs would affect traffic. Even with only one passenger per ride and no complimentary public transport, the number of cars still dropped by 77 percent.

The authors said replacing personal cars with self-driving cabs would also free valuable real estate currently used for public parking, equivalent to over 200 soccer pitches in Lisbon’s case.

With Shared Mobility and RoboTaxi’s just 3% of the current vehicle fleet is actual needed for Dublin’s transport needs

RoboTaxis AEV’s will become the most desirable form of transport in the next decade, will come in all shapes & sizes.

Nearly every OEM is currently trying to develop their own AEV ‘s



Current deployments include Waymo (Google)


Waymo LLC is an American autonomous driving technology development company. It is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc, the parent company of Google. Waymo currently operates a commercial self-driving RoboTaxi service in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area called “Waymo One” in Chandler.

Google’s Air pollution and Street View I-pace electric car is currently mapping Dublin’s streets for future Waymo Robotaxi deployment when the new UN-ECE regulations come into force in the EU.

It is expected the new regulations will allow RoboTaxi’s to use the existing bus lanes at speeds up to 60kph.


Buckle up, it’s time to welcome the future of autonomous electromobility. Motional – a joint venture from Hyundai and Aptiv – has just announced that their latest driverless IONIQ 5 based RoboTaxi referred to as IONIQ 5 RoboTaxi will be available from 2023

Hyundai × Motional Inspired by the IONIQ 5

Our first RoboTaxi model will be based on the IONIQ 5 and will be fully electric. We chose the IONIQ 5 as inspiration because of its focus on sustainability and its highly functional and unique exterior and interior.

The IONIQ 5 RoboTaxi is the embodiment of the two most transformative technologies in mobility coming together in one vehicle: electrification and autonomy. This zero-emissions RoboTaxi will not only make transportation safer and more accessible – but it’ll also make it more sustainable. This was a core consideration for the team when thinking about the role of autonomous vehicles and how these vehicles can help to make our cities greener.

Mobileye and SIXT Plan New Robotaxi Service
Autonomous ride-hailing service is expected to begin in Munich in 2022.

MUNICH, Germany, Sept. 7, 2021 – During a keynote at IAA Mobility today, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger and Sixt SE Co-CEO Alexander Sixt announced a collaboration to begin offering autonomous ride-hailing services in Munich in 2022. The collaboration between Intel subsidiary Mobileye and SIXT, a leading international provider of mobility services headquartered in Germany, also aspires to scale driverless ride-sharing services across Germany and other European countries later this decade.

Riders will be able to access the service via the Moovit app as well as the SIXT app. The autonomous robotaxi offering will be included in SIXT’s holistic mobility platform ONE, which combines in just one app products for ride hailing as well as car rental, car sharing and car subscriptions. By integrating the services of cooperation partners like Mobileye, the ONE mobility platform gives SIXT customers worldwide access to more than 200,000 vehicles, 1,500 cooperation partners, around 1.5 million drivers and soon even robotaxi services.


Zoox was founded to make personal transportation safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable—for everyone. To achieve that goal, the team created a whole new form of transportation.

Zoox will provide mobility-as-a-service in dense urban environments. We will handle the driving, charging, maintenance, and upgrades for our fleet of vehicles. The rider will simply pay for the service.

In 2020, Zoox joined forces with Amazon. And in the process, solidified our future in the autonomous vehicle industry.

We are focused on testing on private and public roads as we move towards launching the first Zoox ride-hailing service.




Driving cities forward

We’re building self-driving vehicles to improve life in our cities. They’re safe, shared, and all-electric. Join us as we transform the future of transportation.




Democratizing AutonomyEmpowering the world with AI drivers to provide universal access to transportation of people and goods.


Apollo Go robotaxis

Baidu To Operate 3,000 Driverless Apollo Go Robotaxis in 30 Cities in 3 Years

Baidu Apollo Go Robotaxis have already registered over 6.2 million miles of Level 4 driving and plan to operate 3,000 driverless Apollo Go Robotaxis in 30 cities within the next three years.

The OECD did a simulation on shared mobility in Dublin



Why Ireland for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV)

Ireland has become a global technology hub of choice when it comes to next generation of business and technology for connected mobility. 

Jaguar Land Rover to partner with autonomous car hub in Shannon


Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has confirmed that it is collaborating in a new research hub in Shannon, to help design and test future connected and self-driving vehicles. The carmaker already has a software development office in Shannon, dedicated to developing computer systems for connected and autonomous cars.


Thinking of Shared mobility and Autonomous RoboTaxis. How much would you pay to use them?