A Real Dublin Area Rapid Transit

Free Public Transport

If we had a larger system of tunnels in Dublin as proposed by TheDublinLoop they could be used by both public transport Darts and private vehicles and not just trains! This extra revenue could help fund a free public transport service similar to the current Dublin Port tunnel (DPT).

The NTMA currently owns the DPT profits from it go into our national pension fund

If the public transport vehicles we choose had a secondary purpose of package deliveries when not transporting passengers this could fund Free Public Transport such as the adaptable Autonomous Electric multi-purpose vehicle’s from NEXT future transport.

secondary use of package deliveries

Proposals to bring in free public transport could be cheaper than fines Ireland gets for breaking its carbon targets.

If we poorly invest up to €15 BILLION of taxpayers and our NTMA pension investment fund on obsolete, expensive, non-performing, non-revenue generating transport services it could completely put Free Public Transport out of reach! and this is just for Dublin’s transport proposals, Which could further deprive the rest of the country of adequate Transport provisions due to lack of public funds.

Unfortunately, the NTA did not do any public consultation on what type of vehicle the public wants for its future transport needs and has decided that single-use double-decker buses are what it wants.

The current Hydrogen Double-decker bus trail is costing €2,400,000 for just 3 buses

This could buy 48 Darts

If the NTA proceeds with just the hydrogen replacement for Dublin bus and Bus Eireann fleets of up to 2500 new buses at €800,000 a pop This would cost €2 BILLION!