A Real Dublin Area Rapid Transit

Disability Community


Transport is essential to enable people with disabilities to engage in education and employment and to take a full part in social and community life outside the home.

The NTA has created a survey on Taxis which will close on 31st August 2021 We all know transport is one of the pieces of the “independent living jigsaw” that lots of disabled people have challenges with accessible taxi on-demand services & can be a nightmare to get.


The Disabled Community have been one of the most disadvantaged when it comes to public transport provisions and many in the community need and would prefer a door to door service, something autonomous electric vehicles will be able to deliver and Dublin Loop’s proposed public transport vehicles Next Transportation (Darts) could provide a door to door service.

‘White elephant’: The €2.7m transport training centre causing conflict in disability community

Source: Elaine Howley

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Get ready for an ageing demographic in Ireland


Future Transport must prepare for this aging demographic and more door-to-door services will be needed.

Waymo’s Fully Autonomous RoboTaxi service

Wayfinding competition



Autonomous vehicles should benefit those with disabilities.


Autonomous vehicles (RoboTaxi’s) in Dublin

Google’s Street View car on the streets of Dublin. Image: Google

Google’s Air pollution and Street View I-pace electric car is currently mapping Dublin’s streets for future Waymo Robotaxi deployment when the new UN-ECE regulations come into force in the EU.

It is expected the new regulations will allow RoboTaxi’s to use the existing bus lanes at speeds up to 60kph.