A Real Dublin Area Rapid Transit

Directly Elected Mayor for Dublin.

The Dublin Loop Was proposed by Cormac McKay as part of his Transport development policy for Dublin to deliver a desirable free public transport system and was planning on running in the race for the proposed position of Dublin’s first Directly Elected Mayor for Dublin that is currently being discussed by the new citizens’ assembly https://www.citizensassembly.ie/en/dublin-assembly/

As an independent candidate who will assume responsibility for transport and traffic in Dublin from the poor management of the NTA National Transport Authority.

Fine Gael’s Phil Hogan was responsible for delaying Dubliners of its opportunity to have a plebiscite on the Directly Elected Mayor for Dublin https://www.finegael.ie/hogan-meets-with-four-dublin-mayors-to-discuss-the-possibility-of-future-governance-arrangements-for-dublin/

Unfortunately, the most recent publication of the bill for the Directly Elected Mayor For Limmerick does not ceed any Transport responsibilities or policy accountabilities and will remain with the NTA and would not be suitable for Dublin.

The legislative proposals for the soon-to-be-directly-elected mayor of Limerick amount to a filleting of what was originally proposed, which is shocking news but not surprising.