A Real Dublin Area Rapid Transit

Cycling Infrastructure

Busconnects design

Unfortunately, the upcoming proposed €2 Billion Busconnects redesign of Dublin’s roads, bus lanes, and cycle lanes has poorly designed cycling infrastructure! With only a single 1-1.5m lane on each side of the road with poor not international standard cycling junctions,

Unproven BusConnects Junction Designs a Cause for Concern

This is a poor design it doesn’t leave enough room for peak-time traffic flows in the cycle lanes and they don’t leave enough room for faster-moving cyclists and faster moving new e-Mobility, E-scooter E-bike, etc. Because of this poor design, this may be one of the reasons the whole Busconnects project may be rejected by An Bord Pleanála planning Bord!

Pic: Extra.ie

A better design would be with the majority of traffic put underground there will be no longer a need for bus/cycling lanes

A whole road traffic lane converted to a completely segregated double wide 3-4m cycle lanes because our traffic is mostly in one direction during peak times could accommodate more cycling traffic and faster and slower traffic which would make it safer and more desirable to use for all users.

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Photograph Nick Bradshaw/The Irish Times